Friday, July 6, 2012


People say that there are some things that you shouldn't know. Such as how things are obtained in this world. But what does the ignorance truely bring you? A day with no concern? An hour without wonders? A minute without sympathy? What do you honestly have to say for your self if you say you don't want to know, yet keep buying these insanly inhumane products? Have you ever dismissed the wonder of how animal fur is obtained? It isnt by putting them down, gingerly cutting it, disposing of the corps. The animals are not killed when they are old, sick, or already dieing. NO. they are kept in small cages, never touch the ground, sometimes babies, and the most HORRIFIC, terrible, SAD part of it all.... They are skinned alive. Did you know the animals live sometimes up to 15 ...yes FIFTEEN minutes after they have been skinned? Alive, laying in the dirt, skinless. Sad isn't it?

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